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What To Do When the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

by Joe Vitale on March 2, 2009

I hear this complaint from time to time–

“I like your books and I like the movie The Secret but the truth is, none of it works for me.”

Have you heard that before?

Have you maybe even said that before?

So what’s the truth?

Does the Law of Attraction (LOA) work or not?

Do all these “feel good” books and movies actually work or not?

Why do they seem to work for hundreds of thousands of people but not for you?

Let’s explore this. 


If you drop a ball from the roof of a building, does gravity or your letting go make it drop?

Think about it.

When you toss a horseshoe, what makes it land on the other side: gravity or your toss?


Which is it?

Gravity or your action?

When a baseball player hits a ball out of the park, what made it fly and then fall: his swing or gravity?

Which was it?

Was it the swing at the ball that sent it into space, or gravity pulling it down after he hit it?

Obviously, it’s both.

It’s the same with LOA.

When anything happens in your life, you can say it was LOA that made it so or you can attribute the result to some other cause and pretend LOA doesn’t exist or doesn’t work.

You can even say, “I don’t believe in LOA.”

You can even say, “LOA doesn’t work for me.”

It’s your choice.

But what’s the truth?

What’s real?

What’s most helpful?

Look at it this way:

Why do most sports coaches tell their players about the laws of physics?

The coach believes the more you know about what is happening when you are playing the game, the more you will be conscious and will work with those laws of physics to win the game.

For example, I’ve recently begun racing my exotic sports cars. While I could just get behind the wheel and drive, the trainers teach me about geometry and physics so I have a better understanding about how to successfully drive the car at high speed.

In short, they want me to know about all the laws at play so I can accomplish my goals better.

That makes sense, doesn’t it?

The idea is to become more awake and aware so I can get more of the results I prefer, even on the race track.

The same is true in the gym.

I’ve trained with Frank Zane, Scott York and others. These athletes don’t just tell me to sweat more or lift more. They also teach me to be aware of gravity, for example, because working with it can help increase muscle mass.

Are you starting to get the picture?

The Law of Attraction is the same as the Law of Gravity or any other law: it’s working whether you give it credit or not. Knowing about it can help you achieve the results you want.

In other words, if you’re one of those who say LOA doesn’t work for you, then you might as well say gravity doesn’t work for you, either.

LOA is always working.

Gravity is always working.

That’s why they are both laws.

You can dismiss either or both if you like.

But does doing so help you or limit you?

If I can become a better driver by knowing the invisible laws at work when I race, and I can get better results in the gym with an understanding of the universal laws at work, and a sports figure can achieve his or her goals better by knowing the hidden laws underneath the game, doesn’t it behoove you to know about the other laws operating in your own life?

Given the above, what can you actually DO to get better results in your life – even when the Law of Attraction doesn’t seem to be working for you?

Here are five things:

First, quit shrugging off your power.

LOA is working and you are working it, probably unconsciously. Instead of saying it doesn’t work for you, own that it does. This is far more empowering than being a victim. Assume you are doing something inside yourself to attract the results you are getting. It all begins with accepting responsibility for your life.

Second, choose what you want.

Instead of being bounced around by circumstances, start to direct or at least request where you want to go. You turn your inner radar on when you make a decision. You begin to steer the ship. Intention helps align your body and mind to go in the direction you prefer.

Third, take action.

Nothing happens until something moves. As I’ve said many times, the universe likes speed. Money likes speed. Take inspired action ASAP. It’ll give you instant feedback and instant results. As your actions bring you new information, you then take new actions based on it.

Fourth, get clear.

I’m constantly saying that you must get clear of the limiting beliefs within you in order to attract your intention. Counter-intentions will always trip you up. Be aware of your thoughts when things don’t work out for you. Those are what you need to get clear of. Those are the beliefs that attracted what you got. How do you get clear? One easy way is through Zero Limits.

Fifth, be happy now.

Happiness is what you really want. Be happy now and you’ll have your ultimate goal and you’ll send out a vibe to attract more moments to be happy about. The best way to be happy now is to be grateful now. My hypnotic story about the pencil in the movie The Compass is a great reminder of the power of gratitude.

I’m a neurometaphysician. I created the new science of neurometaphysics.

I’m a neurometaphysician. I created the field of neurometaphysics. This goes beyond neuroscience, which is the study of how your nervous system affects your life. Neurometaphysics is the science of how your thoughts create your life.

Obviously, I can talk about and teach the deeper aspects of the LOA for hours. But I don’t need to go into deeper explanations here when I’ve written such books as The Attractor Factor, The Key and Expect Miracles; and recorded such audioprograms as The Missing Secret, The Awakening Course, and the brand-new record-breaking bestseller, The Secret to Attracting Money.

And if you want ongoing personal support, I also created an online community to help you achieve your goals at 

The point here is this: LOA is always working.

If that’s so, how are you attracting what you are getting (or not getting)?

It’s deeper than your conscious thoughts.

But it’s not hidden.

Look and ye shall find.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Follow the above five steps and — Expect Miracles.

Ao Akua,


PS — The Secret to Attracting Money explores all of this thinking, and more. It is a spiritual and practical system for attracting money. It goes beyond the Law of Attraction. It builds on and goes beyond anything I’ve ever done before. It’s guaranteed to work, too. See 

Note: If you want to hear more about the science of neurometaphysics, leave a comment and tell me so. Meanwhile, please Digg this post and share it with others. Thank you.

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Cam March 10, 2009 at 10:45 pm

I know the law of attraction works, I have seen it. I get dreams that also come true and they where pretty freaky. But there are also times when I get a need to do something and go and do it and nothing comes of it. What are those? I have always been faithful to the promptings. I believe in gratitude and practice it and I have really been forgiving and loving in my life. But still when i do not feel well I can’t help but suspect that those moments might be limiting the flood that I should be seeing. Like I said the dreams come all the time and I have yet to not seen them come true. However, there seems to be a lot of pain that has to be done before they happen.


Nanang Riyanto March 11, 2009 at 2:09 am

Ya, A few days ago i really proof LOA. I get money, I get Kios, and I get Business “Kios Naya II”. Thanks God. Alhamdulillah.


Hazwan March 12, 2009 at 9:13 am

In the end it always the fault of
our limited beliefs.

Get clear, let it go, feel free and cherish
your new beliefs that propel you to your
ideal life.

LOA works if we believe in it to the point
that u say ” See, ive told you before, i can
feel it “. Thats it.

Dont compare LOA with gravity, lung and etc.

Just accept it. You can only experience it if you
put enough focus,energy and openness of it.

Brilliant post Joe!


Hani Al-Qasem March 12, 2009 at 9:15 am

Hey Joe,

I just finished listening to your Zero Limits audio. I have to say, it is awesome.

Thank you for writing and sharing it with the world, and especially thank you for your perseverance in tracking down the ‘mysterious’ person!!

God bless you and yours.


Kajal March 13, 2009 at 8:23 pm

I Love how Joe makes everything sound so simple in life..i haveseen teh movie The SECRET so many times.. i have experienced LOA working for me but the ones who say that it doesnt work ,are the one who actually are concentarting on “What they don’t want” from life….. i can say this confidently because i have experienced this.. Sometimes my mind deviates and its starts concentarting on what i don want , and when i get what i did not wish for, i again realise that the LOA worked but it was me who was applying in a wrong way…. That is where we all need to concentrate and realise the Existence of LOA>>>> Love you JOE…..


kedar October 30, 2012 at 3:06 am

I appreaciate whatever u said about this LOA and about the secrete, But believe me in indian spiritual books it was written long way before. I know such a spiritual books which will give u a lot information about this LOA and much more advanced theories.

Thank You.


Jennifer Eden Cruz March 13, 2009 at 8:25 pm


You made it all clearer! It is very important to know how to attract things and how turn those wanting into realities. Great post. Thank you


bill March 13, 2009 at 8:37 pm

what is the math behind the LOA? i ask because it was compared to gravity, and since gravity is 100% supported and explained by math, i figured LOA might be as well. what does the math look like? thanks


Mary Jo March 16, 2009 at 12:03 pm

Yes, Joe, I am fascinated by neurometaphysics. I would love to hear more. I am also a member of your attractmiracles site. The information there is wonderful. Thank you so much for all you do.

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I thank you. I love you.


Hani Al-Qasem March 17, 2009 at 8:49 am

Hi Joe, my favourite person

Thanks for shedding more detailed light on the Law of Attraction. It has been for the longest time a Law that has been rather difficult to apply.

Thanks again, Joe and God bless


Anfernee March 19, 2009 at 7:17 pm

Hi Joe,

Great post. I agree with all the points listed and I like the sports analogy.

I would love to put this in my monthly newsletter. Please let me know if you are OK with that.


bill March 20, 2009 at 9:33 pm

Still wondering if anyone have any insights at all into the math behind this “law?” I just don’t understand how it can be compared to gravity without offering any math as means of explanation. Gravity is a mathematical concept. If the LOA is like gravity, then where’s the math? Otherwise it shouldn’t be considered a law, but rather simply an idea. still searching for some explanations about the connection between LOA and gravity other than just saying that they’re both laws because you say so. thanks


drd March 1, 2011 at 11:34 pm

There is no math, because there is no Physics applied here. These are basic techniques taken from Cognitive-Behavioral Theory, a proven practice in the field of Psychology. The scientists who showed that thoughts affect feelings and actions never claimed to be using physics. This is just very clever marketing of some very old (and good) ideas – making them seem magical and mystical. If you read the Dale Carnegie books from the 1920s-30s you’ll find the same concepts. We know in neurology that thoughts actually change brain chemistry, which changes emotion, which can lead to positive or negative actions and the resulting consequences… It’s not physics, not a “Law of the Universe”, not created by Joe Vitale, but it is related to the study of behavioral science. Peace and thanks!


drd March 1, 2011 at 11:58 pm

What I remember about my high school Physics classes is that positive attracts negative. Sooo, wouldn’t you need to think of the OPPOSITE of what you want to attract? Also, Physics 101 says that gravity is a function of mass. It is caused by the magnetic pull of the mass and is NOT present in most of the vast space of the Universe. So, does the so-called “Law of Attraction” apply only on the suns and planets like gravity does? Please explain the “neurometaphysician” view on these questions as your “physics” isn’t making much sense to a me, as a real physical scientist. Thank you!!


M Hussain March 30, 2009 at 11:10 pm

I am totally convinced with the LOA and its operation.

But one thing I would like to seek clarification is about the action to be taken for attracting wealth. I have understood the principles, the methodology of Wealth attraction but as an employee of a company, I would like to know what action needs to be taken to attract wealth. Please bear in mind that I am only an employee.


Avatar April 25, 2009 at 1:55 am

It’s all about taking responsibility to change ourself and to learn about these laws since Law of Attraction is not the only law. Very good article… thanks for sharing, Joe. :)


Alexa June 20, 2009 at 4:27 pm

Hello Dr. Vitale:

I am so thankful that people like you exist. I never imagined to learn so much in such little time from you. I purchased the book “The Secret” and saw the movie as well. When I watched the movie, although everyone exercised a tremendous participation, in my opinion, you were the one individual that caught my attention. You have a clarity of expression and explaining circumstances that get right to the point.
I identify myself with many things that you mention in “The Missing Secret” as well. I recently purchased this material and am really enjoying it. Although the DVD kind of cuts off sometimes, I am not sure if it was a reproduction defect. This is a miraculous piece of information.

I am so grateful that the Divine has given me the privilege to come across your material. I was undergoing a state of depression, and not enjoying my life as I used to after giving birth to my second child, as well as losing my job and facing foreclosure. After reading the book “The Secret”, watching the movie, reading and listening to the material provided in The Missing Secret, my life has improved approximately 75%(since I learned of your materials only 1 month ago). I am still waiting for the divine to resolve all my issues, including my foreclosure matters, but my faith and gut tells me that this solution is on its way. I just have to be patient and take action for improving my life. I have taken the first step which has changed my feelings, thoughts and emotions. It has even changed the way I feel about everyone around me. I wish all I could do for a month is read all your material.

Also, is this material in Spanish. I would love to tell my family members about this, but they do not understand English that well. In order for me to translate this for them, I guess I’ll have to have The Missing Secret Party. How about the rest of the non English speaking population? You shall really consider translating it into Spanish. Please let me know if I can assist, I am fluent in Spanish. I can speak, read and write in Spanish.

Dr. Vitale, thank you for changing my life. This is just the beginning of a new life filled with prosperity and abundance for me. I have no words to describe the excitement I have and how grateful I feel of your existence. Now let me say good bye with my favorite exercise from The Missing Secret, I AM SORRY, if I have taken five minutes of your time to read this e-mail. PLEASE FORGIVE ME, for loving your material. THANK YOU for clarifying my hidden thoughts and changing my life.
I LOVE YOU for creating this enriching jewel of material. MAY GOD BLESS YOU EVERY SECOND OF YOUR LIFE!!!

Thanks again for your precious time.




Alberto Sierra August 2, 2009 at 8:27 pm

Dear Dr. Joe Vitale

Our nerveous system operates using electricity and i have attempted to link the LOA to the thought process. However i cannot make the connection between the frequencies of the brain and the “things i want”. I do find it very arrogant of you to call it a law, as opposed to theory.

P.S i enjoyed the movie very much, and hope to hear more about the LOA.



Nancy August 20, 2009 at 8:02 am

I have your CD set, The Missing Secret. I have listened to the CD’s multiple times. For some weeks I had put the CDs aside. Then I began to feel particularly hopeless. I found The Missing Secret again and listened. The next morning I recieved a call for donations from AmVets. I felt distrbed and I knew that I must pay atttention to what I waa feeling. I felt that our veterans needed more than just a donation. That was this past Saturday. Today is Thursday and I am in the process of building a program for our returning vetereans and current veterans. I am trying to buy a ranch/farm in SW Texas at which our veterans will be trained, educated and employed. Our farm will raise dairy goats and sheep, herbs, vegetables, grapes for Texas wine, and may include raising emus and chickens. I will also have homes built for the veterans to buy. And I thank you, Joe Vitale, for teaching me to allow the flow to occur in my life. I am so grateful to you.


joe January 10, 2012 at 8:45 am

AWWE joe come on. Ilike you but the LOA is nothing like the law of gravity.Gravity can be measured and tested the LOA cannot. And to say gravity works like this ,there for so does LOA is just wrong.I am sorry Joe ,the LOA was was just a great marketing gimmic that made you and a lot of other people a lot of money,while a whole moere people who put there faith in it failed and some lost everything.Joe you are a great copy writer and marketer,but that is it.


Jarvis Edwards July 23, 2012 at 3:02 pm

Though this post is rather old, I came across it at a time when I had a question on the validity of the LOA.

I strongly disagree with the previous commenter.
The rules of the LOA are embedded with multiple principles
that dictate how our lives go.

I appreciate the “don’t become a victim” part. I now have a newly-found understanding that the law of attraction always
works, we just have to make a decision whether we want it
to work FOR us or AGAINST us.


Dan Wilson August 29, 2012 at 11:06 am

First I would like to address the negative posts that I read above. Let’s start with those who have an issue with LOA being called a law.

Those who have issue with this ask ‘where is the proof’. For those of us who understand it, we see the proof every day. I know that doesn’t help the non-believers but consider this; Today the law of gravity can be demonstrated mathematically, but when the apple first fell to the ground where Isaac Newton was having tea, he realized that the apple always falls to the ground, never goes up, or sideways, but the ‘math’ was not understood until quite some time later. When he observed the apple, was gravity a law at that point, or was it only a law after the math was sorted? Not to mention that although today it is a law, there is still much not understood.

Also for the person who calls himself ‘a real physical scientist’ gravity indeed is present everywhere, which as a professional scientist I would think you would know.

So do we fully understand the math…at this point… of LOA? No we do not although there is some good work being done to help explain the ‘how’ . I follow these new scientific discoveries because I am truly curious to know ‘how’ it works, but I already know it does work…and that is far more important to me…and all I really need to know.

How many of you know exactly how your car works, or your microwave oven, or your TV? Be honest. Even if you don’t know exactly how all these things work, you still drive home after work, put a hot pocket in the microwave and watch TV…. without ever questioning how all of these miraculous things happened. The truth is it doesn’t matter that you know how they work, only that you remember to be grateful for all of those things.

Now to the comment that Dr. Joe Vitale is only “a great copy writer and marketer, but that is it.” I agree that he is a great copy writer, and marketer, not to mention a very motivating speaker who is very pleasant and concise in his explanations. And thank (your god) that he is…otherwise so many (including myself) would likely have stopped after watching ‘The Secret’ and chalked this all up to a bunch of BS, like many others have.

But, because of his explanations in the movie ‘The Secret’ I looked for more information and found his website…read or listened to his books and started my journey. When Joe uses someone else’s explanations or quotes to help educate, he always gives them credit. That’s because he was once on his own journey of discovery and read others books and used them as tools to learn, and also uses them to teach. He never claimed to have invented LOA . He read Napolean Hill and recommends it. He freely discloses how he gained the knowledge he has today and puts it all together in a way that is easy to understand, with great examples and personal stories. Do you not think he should be paid for that? My personal opinion is that I gain much more value from Dr. Joe Vitale’s works that I do from watching endless hours of TV…which costs considerably more.

From his writings I learned that Joe was down and out, and because he was willing to open his mind to any possibility that would improve his reality, he started his journey. After understanding LOA at some level things did improve and he made money using these principles in relation to marketing. He also wanted to know more and understand more and was able to find and talk to some of the author’s he had read and others that taught him. He writes about these experiences and about what he learned and teaches other who want to learn. He does not have all the answers, he is still searching as we all are, but he has a huge head start on many of us which is why his material is so valuable for those who want to manifest their own reality on their own terms.

Joe to me is not a ‘god’ in any sense of the word. He is a friend I’ve never met. Like he does, I now try to explain these truths to my friends. I quote Joe (and others), direct people to his writings and I do this not for profit of any kind. I do this because everyone deserves a better life and I just want to help. I feel in some ways it is my giving back, my duty somehow. I believe Joe does this for much the same reasons. Yes he is paid to do this work, but I promise you if I spent the time and effort to seek out this information and compile it as he has, I’d be expecting payment as well!

I have no ill will to any of the previous commenters, quite the opposite I hope they all have an opportunity to see this information somewhere at a time in their life when they are open minded enough to start their own journey.

Keep up the good work Joe. I love you all.


Joe Vitale August 30, 2012 at 10:20 am

thank you :)


Jacquelyn November 27, 2012 at 9:42 pm

I have been studying, researching, reading and practicing the Law of Attraction intensely for the last 12 months and I 100% believe it. I know I have cleared many of my limiting beliefs; and they were very limiting and negative. For the last month I have been unemployed and able to really focus on my mind, and for this month I have been really pleased and proud of my new positive beliefs and positive thought patterns coming naturally. I have been indescribably happy, constantly loving and joyful. I could feel positivity running through my veins, it was amazing and I was so grateful. I cannot describe in words how I felt, but I know I was in tune with nature and I definitely had experiences of running into people at the right time and place, and small things were always falling into place. I had been focusing intensely on gaining employment in a job I want. I was affirming, visualising and genuinely believing that the job was mine. Everything was going in flow – I got an interview and realised I knew a member of the interview panel and continued ‘coincidentally’ running into him on the street. I did not get the job and was told I interviewed really well, but another candidate just had much more experience than I. I cannot express how disappointed I was with this result. I would say my disappointment was more with the lack of results from the LoA than not getting the job. Also, I dont understand how I am supposed to react to this. I have been beyond happy and joyful all month and prior to that my dominant state was happy. How is this in any way the law of attraction when I have been so grateful, happy and joyful and this brought me such disappointment. I understand my reaction is my responsibility/choice. However I cannot deny how I feel and don’t think this is healthy; I don’t think it is healthy for me to pretend/try to be happy about the result. I have entertained the idea that something better is in store, and I will focus on this and overcome my feelings of disappointment as I believe in the LoA to much to doubt it. I am just hoping for some kind of insight from others as to: 1. How am I supposed to react to something like this? Do you really believe I should try to repress the feelings of rejection, disappointment, anger and hurt this felt? I had not felt anything like this for such a long time.
2. How do you explain these results? According to the LoA I should have bought in really positive results.
Thank you so much for your insights anyone :)


Joe Vitale November 28, 2012 at 8:14 am

Hi Jacquelyn. Thanks for sharing your current reality. There is a lot to say here, most of which is on my blog posts, and available for free. Meanwhile…Never repress your feelings. Express them, safely and appropriately. Then refocus on your goal. Not getting that job simply meant THAT job wasn’t a match for you. A better one, or something else, more wonderful awaits. Trust and move on. Life is a learning experience, not a “I did it once and we’re done” experience. Expect Miracles. Sending love…


Toya January 16, 2013 at 11:21 am

Most of my life has been negative energy around me which I’m responsible for and I learned this on my quest to remembering who I am in understanding about spiritual awakening. My emotions and feelings go up and down I’m trying to hold on to those good feelings but the bad feelings seems to have a familiar censsation that I’m use to. I been meditating and eft tapping to try and get and stay in the vortex of who I really am. But its been since 2010 when I started this journey and I’m still on the system I’m a single parent of 4 boys which I only get a some child support for one and a fixed income of $130.00 a month for which I’m grateful for. My heart is heavy I wasn’t able to get any of my children nothing for christmas just a tree that I visualize presents being under the tree and what I didn’t want happen. My family and friends aren’t no way into the loa they actually think I’m coo coo for putting visoinary boards on my wall.Even though they aren’t into what I’m doing they seem to be grasping the things I say better than me. But I have a feeling of being by myself in this loa, writing in my gratitude book, meditation, spiritual awakening. I’m trying to teach my boys what I’m learning but at this point how can I teach wat I’m learning to have all this knowlegde and deneying the power that this knowledge give. When it comes to clearing old things in me through medtation I start to feel lighter less stress but I feel my subconcious is so use to the negative energy and seems as its a strong hold. Listening to the Power and learning about how powerful Love is I thought was going to really help me, I even listen to my voice recordings of affirmations as I sleep and still Water bill due, phone bill due today and I’m really trying to be hopeful at the last min. Help please I really need to understand why I’m feeling like something else is in control. While typing this it seem as though I’m observing myself to be staying on fear-negative blvd off choice highway!


Lulu May 20, 2013 at 8:35 pm

I think the law of attraction has something more to do with the law of expectation. You get what you expect. Sometimes.

I read The Secret some years ago. I’m 22. It all seemed very basic in principle but in practice I’m not sure if I saw results. Maybe there are results but we don’t notice them all the time? Instead of the big things I wanted happening, it was rather little things I thought of that would come true, like synchronicity. I’ll think of a song and it plays. I’ll think of a person and they ring. I’ll think of a movie and then it just happens to come on TV. I don’t know if that’s me attracting those little things to me just because I thought of them and thus attracted them to me or if that’s more in the realm of intuition and stuff, or maybe the law of attraction IS connected to all those esoteric things in some ways. I mean, the book did say, after all, if you affirm there will be a free parking space, there will be.

I worked in a telefundraising outfit and the whole thing was based on luck, in my opinion. Luck and particular wording, to get donations. The bosses would have apprasils with you and discuss goals and what not and want you’d input. I was doing well during days and my boss asked me basically what was my secret, and I just said you need to expect it. But then there were days were I said the same stuff, for the same causes, and made zilch. To put it in perspective, there was a day I made hundreds of dollars for a charity in one afternoon, I reached about $280 and the target was $160 – $40 an hour for cold calling. Keep in mind none of those were big donations, nothing like someone giving me $100, just collections of 20’s and 10’s and 30’s, whatever people could afford. But they were all donating. Likewise, there was a day where I actually made nothing but one $10 cheque which doesn’t count to your stats anyway – and I’d had the same expectations as on days I’d done good. Said the same things. Rang the same areas – and different areas. Same tones of voice. I’d done everything you can do and everything within my training, but that’s the thing. It’s outside of ‘FORMULA’ and recipe. Our manager had this thing where she said ‘We have a recipe for success that works.’ Bullshit. It all comes down to luck and they know it.

Now maybe we should be studying the law of luck and how to get some more of that. ;)


Jonathan Crewdson June 15, 2013 at 7:12 am

I’m afraid I totally disagree with the article. Gravity exists because we know it does. We can measure it, demonstrate it in experiments and keep replicating them. There is massive evidence gravity exists.

There is, however, absolutely no evidence for a law of attraction. Nothing in life remotely suggests it exists and if there had been no books that had been written about it I wouldn’t have ever conceived an idea. Unless something is suggested in life through our experiences then why would we believe in it?

I have studied and applied god knows how many books for over 10 years on this subject being told by so many so-called “gurus” how to apply it and not a single one of my desires or requests, or the essence of them, has happened. I’m still waiting over a decade on.

And the woman who wrote the Secret filled that book with lots of misinformation, for instance saying that Einstein believed it it. Einstein had absolutely no esoteric views and was an aethiest. Also why did she get into legal trouble for breaching contract with other parties over the book and film if she believes and applies it? So often quantum physics is quoted as “scientific evidence” for a law of attraction but if you actually understand quantum physics you’ll also realise there is ABSOLUTELY NO evidence that the apparently random behaviour of some sub-atomic particles is manifested at the macro-level. Those particles behave that way simply because they do and at a larger scale things are solid, stable and predictable because otherwise matter would never form properly. There is nothing to suggest thought attracts objects or people to us.

I think there is some evidence to back up psychic abilities and perhaps sometimes people perceive others at a subconscious level relatively soon before they make an appearance but that is about a form of wireless transmission and receiving we have a physical ability to have, somewhere in the brain. That in itself is an exciting possibility but as for a wider law of attraction I’m afraid both my life experiences and the evidence out there is there is absolutely no truth in it.


Joe Vitale June 15, 2013 at 11:02 am

Thank you for proving the Law of Attraction. The very fact that you can’t find “any” evidence for it shows you have a mindset that will only allow the lack of evidence. That’s what you will attract. Obviously, I’ve reviewed scientific books on the Law of Attraction right on this blog. A Google search will turn up more. So it’s “obvious” — if your mindset is open to it. But you will get what you believe, whether you’re for it or against it, which is further proof of the Law of Attraction.


Internet Guy July 14, 2016 at 11:55 pm

Joe Vitale pointed out well to the response. As Joseph Dunninger said: “Those who believe no explanation is necessary. For those who don’t none will suffice.”

Unfortunately for those who are hell bent on being convinced this stuff doesn’t work will see it everywhere. For instance, Einstein’s views aligned more with pan(en)theistic religion a la Spinoza, yet the poster above was quick to be dismissive about him for being atheist.

Of course there is no “proof” in peer reviewed journal, just like there is no journal entry about the experience of typing this post right now. But that doesn’t mean it is false.


michelle taylor June 25, 2015 at 8:08 am

I’m still waiting for proof that it works. I have yet to see any proof of it in my life. I will wait……………


Mike February 15, 2016 at 9:24 pm

I tried everything these gurus are saying. I used to get 1 or 2 lottery match. But after trying LOA, not a single lotto matches. I tried with a very small lotto – Fantasy5 (under 100 K). So I think, it’s all about luck. Most lottery winners never visualize or some even don’t know anything about LOA and they win. It’s all about luck guys. Joe is smoking.


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