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Dr. Hew Len’s ho’oponopono

The new Zero Limits Subliminal Manifestation DVD, featuring Dr. Hew Len and the ho oponopono healing method described in the book Zero Limits,  is shipping and arriving into people’s homes as I write this. The first rave reviews are coming in now…

“I just finished watching Zero Limits. It is  fabulous beyond words.” — Jim Sallee

“I received the the new DVD yesterday and plugged it in last night.  It was an exhausting day and I fell asleep midway through it.  So this morning I awoke around 4:00am and plugged it into my laptop.  During the intimate clearing with Joe that was recorded in Peru, I broke down in tears.  I wasn’t sad,  just extremely overwhelmed with emotion.  Not sure what overcame me, I just know it was perfect.  But here is the really cool part.  I was doing the Inner Child meditation with Ryan and something amazing happened.  Towards the end of the meditation, my Inner Child and I were actually doing Ho’oponopono together like it was a fun game to play.  It became a childs song that we were singing together.  It was absolutley beautiful, but it didn’t end there.  I recently read a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer, “Getting In the Gap”,  in which he writes about a meditation called Japa.   After the Inner Child experience I was inspired to continue my meditation, so I got in the Gap, and proceeded with Japa.  During this meditation, my Inner Child appeared beside me and asked if it could do the Japa with me.  There we were, Mother and Inner Child meditating together for a common purpose.  Thank you gentlemen so much for this gift.  I know this is just the beginning and I am so excited of what every moment brings.” — Jeremy Adamec

Obviously, this DVD is incredible.

“Subliminal Manifestation: Zero Limits” uses the ancient Hawaiian healing methodology called ho’oponopono, the method Dr. Hew Len (pictured with me above) used  to heal an entire ward of criminally insane patients in the Hawaiian Correctional System.

This is the only DVD containing information and trance from Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, myself, and Mark J. Ryan…and this DVD was specifically designed to engage both your conscious and unconscious mind in getting clear. This new Subliminal Manifestation DVD for Zero Limits contains incredible new material,  including –

* TWO Inner Child Meditations (one is a subliminal one and the other is by Dr. Hew Len himself)

You have to make peace with your inner child to see changes in your life, as that child can throw tandrums. :)

* My exclusive Peru interview, where I reveal new insights about cleaning with ho’oponopono

I made that video right after visiting the famed Machu Picchu in Peru, and my energy was off the charts.

* A 40-minute subliminal hypnotic cleaning immersion.

It is is designed to work with the stuck issues hidden in your mind.

* 51-minutes of live material from Dr. Hew Len and myself from the very last Zero Limits event

Dr. Hew Len, my coauthor for the bestselling Zero Limits book, was in rare form at the last event. You’ll see the best of him here.

And –

* The 5-Minute Super Cleaner

You can’t hold on to a problem as you watch the five minute super cleaner.  Go ahead and try. :)

This is a way to attract the Divine.

And it works.

If you’re curious about all of this,  there’s a new short (six minute) video introduction on this site –

Go see.

And –

Expect Miracles.

Ao Akua,

Dr. Joe Vitale

PS –  This state-of-the-art new Subliminal Manifestation DVD, featuring Dr. Hew Len and the ho oponopono healing method described in the book Zero Limits, can help you clear your negative beliefs and emotions so you can get back to that Zero State … the place where the Divine has bigger and brighter dreams for you than you could ever devise on your own. Get it at

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100 percent responsible for everything that shows up in my life | Practical Ho Oponopono
April 30, 2010 at 10:44 pm

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wendy September 3, 2009 at 7:15 am

Dear Joe
I am currently listening to your Zero Limits cds and am interested in doing one of your courses.
Please would you be kind enough to advise me when and where your next workshops will be and which ones I might be best to attend.I live in Perth, Australia…but can travel if need be. I have a lovely American animal lover who will be illustrating my childrens book so I could see both of you in the US or Hawaii.
I’m also pleased to hear concepts of compassion to animals and mention of Vegetarian/vegan food.
Thank you!!!
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards, Wendy


Louise January 15, 2010 at 11:22 am

Hi Joe
I have just finished reading Zero Limits. I was amazed how many issues came up for me while I was reading it, I did my best to clean on them! I have trained as a healer, EFT & Emotrance practitiioner and would love to incorporate Ho oponopono into my practice. Are there going to be any classes in the UK?
With love


Stu January 19, 2010 at 10:15 am

I have read Zero Limits and watched the DVD. I thought you might find it interesting what transpired with my recent use of H’oponopono. After a recent snow storm I was our shoveling. The snowplow came by and I went to move my car which I had in the street to ease the shoveling. Inside the car my glasses steamed over. I took them off and put them in my coat pocket. When I finished and went inside and pulled them out a lense was missing! I went outside to look and was muttering about how I didn’t want to alter my budget with getting new glasses, etc. etc. I mean what were the chances of finding a lense in a snowbank or even would it be in one piece if it fell out and I stepped on it? As I was about to give up with the odds against me I started the I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You…. Walking back toward the house brought on the outside motion sensor lights in the twilight. The lights gave a quick glint on the lense laying in the driveway and it was undamaged!


Vera January 23, 2010 at 12:07 pm

I feel so lucky that I’ve read your book.
I’m in the condition just like your friend as you mentioned in the book.
I tried every method,and expected.
sometimes,things will get even worse.
Would you please please lend a helping hand?
You know how much I need it.


Jeffrey A. Schneider February 1, 2010 at 2:53 pm

Hello Joe,

I am so grateful for the cleansing information in Zero Limits. I feel so strongly about the healing that the Ho oponopono teachings can offer the world that I am interested in donating as a gift to world peace one of my fund raising website addresses if it is used to promote Zero Limits and the Ho oponopono teachings. The website addresses are , , Joe please get back to me if this sounds worthy to you Please.

Gratefully, Love Joy Light Jeff Schneider


Pat Koepsell March 1, 2010 at 12:15 pm

Dear Joe,

Zerolimits is very appealing. I want to differentiate between a “block”, and having work I am passionate about on a daily basis. Will these DVDs help me?



anil kumar proag March 7, 2010 at 11:19 am

how do i order the dvd Dr. Hew Len’s ho’oponopono?


Joe Vitale March 7, 2010 at 11:52 am

Not sure which one you mean but see


Eva March 11, 2010 at 3:29 pm

The most amazing book I ever read….thank you so much for writing it. What a gift! You can’t imagine how many problems I managed to solve in the shortest period of time after reading it! My son is 11 y. old and he LOVES Ho’oponopono too because some problems he had at school just vanished within couple of hours,- I am NOT exaggerating at all! We were both nearly crying today, that’s how overwhelming it was.
Peace of I .
I love you


Svetlana Markevich April 20, 2010 at 8:52 am

Many thanks for your wonderful books! Your input into evolution of humanity cannot be overestimated. You write about complex things in such a simple words, that even very busy person can get the matter. I recommend your books to all my friends. With Love,
Peace of I,


Svetlana Markevich April 20, 2010 at 10:05 am

Dear Joe! I would like to tell about my case, because I believe my experience can be useful for those people who bewail death of their friends and/or relatives.

I was quite an adult (about 30 y.o.) when my grandfather, who was very close to me, left to another world. I could not accept my loss. At funerals I did all my best not to cry, trying to seem stronger than I was. I hoped that in such a way my relatives would feel more support and confident from me. As a result, the sorrow remained unwept away, the emotion was suppressed and hidden inside.
I also avoided speaking about my feelings with my relatives, because I was afraid to hurt them by raking their painful memories. However, the stress did not leave me. I often experienced sorrow and uneasy dreams, related with the death of the person who had been very close to my heart.

Having read a lot of spiritual books, I understood, that I should let go what I still kept, and my sorrow would come out to nothing good to me, nor to the soul of the person who was dear to me. Having watched “The Secret”, I realized very well that I would attract more pain to my life instead of clearing a space for joyful and wonderful events. I needed to clear up myself, and I needed it urgently!

Luckily, Mr. God has carefully put book “the Key” into my hands, with 10 methods of self-clearance described by Joe Vitale. It was a turning point in my troubles!
I decided to use the method #10 (Important message) I had read about right before I had uneasy dream. I did not hope for success from the first time, so I asked angels (for more details please refer to Elizabeth Clare Prophet “How to work with angels”) to assist me.

I deepened into my problem and was surprised to reveal that it had a certain size, color and a shape of a thundercloud hanging over me. I thanked it for the appearance and asked for the message. One part of the message was easy to guess, it stated that I should leave the person I bewailed go. The other part of the message was visual. With my inner sight, I saw a symbol, reminding Chinese hieroglyph, so clearly, that I draw it down. I asked for further explanation, but I understood, that the symbol was the answer for my subconscious, not for my mind, so I didn’t need to understand it. Again I said “Thank You” and asked for Devine assistance in my task to let the person go. I tried to do it before, I prayed and it helped, but the problem of stress appeared again and again.
So, I used combination of method Ho’oponopono and the method described by Luule Viilma (the book “I forgive myself”), so:
1) I have forgiven myself for accepting this pain and keeping it inside for such a long time
2) I forgave the energy that constituted my problem and let it go
3) I asked my body to forgive me, for it suffered my pain for so long time
After doing it, I saw no thundercloud any more, and I felt a strange thing. I saw a long spiral ribbon going out of my breast; it was unwinding and going out of me, and disappearing in the infinity. I was watching it, telling “I love You” and “Farewell”. In my mother language the world “farewell” means both “forgive me and go” and “you are forgiven and free to go”. Then the white ribbon disappeared, as a kite in the sky.
Numerous memories attacked me, asking: Liberate us also! One by one I considered my memories about that person, and said “Thank You” to each of them! The effect was a mere magic. I made another discovery: I was afraid to lose my dear memories. Once I thanked them, I knew that I would never lose them, for I already have them in my heart! I replaced my sorrow (Oh! It would never happen again!) with my gratitude (Thank you for every moment I shared with him!) , and my mood was changed from negative to positive. I have chosen positive way of thinking, and nothing would burden me anymore!
I was so happy, but there was still a little work left to be done. I physically felt the location in my body where the stress was suppressed and “imprisoned”, and so I used the method # 9 of the book “The Key” to listen to my body and to heal it. My body thanked me with a loud rustle in the thoracic spine, where I had had impaction of muscles. It is noteworthy that our health problems located in the rear part of our body are connected with our past, while problems located in the front part of the body are connected with our fears and other stresses related to our future (acc. to Luule Viilma). So, having cleaned up my past, I have got a “bonus” in the form of getting rid of my problem with spine column. I thanked God for the wonderful healing, I thanked my body, and my feelings finally reached the state of peace and harmony. Dear Joe Vitale, thank you very much for very practical methods of self-clearance, they are proved to be very helpful!
Peace of I,


dartout April 25, 2010 at 9:40 am

je suis en train de lire votre livre:zéro limite
mon fils est peintre(artiste) depuis l’age de 13 ans il a la maladie d’hodgkin (cancer des ganglions)
il a maintenant 30ans on a abandonné la médecine traditionnelle quand il avait 20ans
mais actuellement il est en récidive(pour essayé de percer dans la peinture depuis aout 2009 il vit a paris).
quels conseils pouvez vous lui donner pour qu’il sorte définitivement de ses soucis.
pour aller sur son site:sur google puis :sebastien dartout (site de peinture)
merci de me répondre(je suis en train d’appliquer les mots du dc hew len:je t’aime,je suis désolé,pardonne-moi,s’il te plait,merci .
mon nom:roland dartout
email de seb:sebastien.dartout@gmail.c
avec ma gratitude


meejin kim May 16, 2010 at 12:25 am

Dear Joe
I’m korean, and I have problems in my life.
I’ve been sick for a long time, but nobody could find the reason.
When reading books or newspapaer, I feel dizzy. and lots of
bad memories annoys me !!
I read your books…(with transcription, I don’t speak Englsh)
I’ve tried erasing my own memories, cause I thought the reason
why I feel sick is related with memories (by your books..)
But it;s really really hard for me.. So I came here throught
the Internet… I’m not sure your seeing this, but you’re the only
hope for me now..


Sir. Vitale June 9, 2010 at 6:07 pm

In Russia when you meet someone Smart, Cool,Loving others.We call them Sir.So It is you.After buying the Zero Limits Maui.I got very strong inspiration to let people of USSR to learn how to clean them self.It is very important to clean on Communist like mind.Hard job but with your help we may clean them on and on. And teach them how to clean.
I will expect your phone call or Email.Ask Divinity and you will see for yourself. I wish that we will get together.CCCP (USSR) Clean Clean Clean Port I am in Canada Now (403) 200-6471 or Dosvedanie


good June 18, 2010 at 10:24 am

Dear Joe VİTALE;
I am a doctor. I have alot of health problems. I have migraine
headache nearly almost every day. I used antidepressants for three years because of my depression. I want but I have no child. I have got no money altough I am a doctor and my husband is an engineer. My husband is in a bad condition because of his job. If you can help us I will be very happy.
Thank you very much


pinky June 30, 2010 at 8:16 am

I would LOVE to have The new Zero Limits Subliminal Manifestation DVD only the price I do not understand. $ 79. I already have the book Zero limits and I would very much appreciate it if I could only order the DVD. Could you help me with this?
Thank you I love you


Alessandro October 25, 2010 at 7:39 am

Dear Dr.Joe Vitale and Dr.Hew Len,
I am reading your book “Zero Limits” .. and I must be honest in that I tell you are opening a new world .. though still skeptical, I feel like a curious child .. and I really like this! I keep open, while I read, the internet and do research .. exciting!
This book was given to me by a dear friend .. I think in some ways much in spirituality you speak of and that we “attract effectiveness that we are.” Indeed for me this is a period we really dark .. maybe that’s what my friend gave me your book ;-) .. short: nothing happens by chance, right?
I keep reading in my / your book ..
I think you are really special people (even I am!) .. I salute you and embrace you strong. I would like to have a match with you..a little as has happened between you two!


Alessandro (Bologna, Italy)


Sylvain Champagne January 5, 2011 at 11:55 pm

There is a wonderful Ho’oponopono song on youtube.
Here in Montreal, we have a spiritual french artist who would like to make a french version.

Is there any copyrights on the 4 sentences and the word Ho’oponopono?

We tried to contact the japanese who did the english version, but without any success?

Any help will be welcome!



Monika-Prag March 7, 2011 at 8:37 am

Hello Joe,
I am Monika from Czech Republic, from Prag, (20 years).
I wrote your books (The Secret – and movie, The attractor factor, World without borders).
You are very interesting. I like your methods. I would like to meet you.
But I live in Czech Republic and my english is not so good.
I have one question. Are you going to have a lecture in Czech Republic?
Maybe it will be interesting for you. C.R, is very nice land and you can take it as oportunity.
I look forward for your answer.
With love Monika Řeháčková


Ernesto March 28, 2011 at 11:59 am

Espero puedan leer en español. Necesito ayuda. Necesito liberarme y limpiarme… intento a cada rato con las frases y lo seguiré haciendo, pero creo necesito una fuerza mayor alguien más que pueda ayudarme.
Intenté conseguir el mail del Dr. Vitale o del Dr Hew Len.. no los consigo.
soy de Argentina – mendoza.
Tengo 36 años
Necesito limpiarme mucho mucho.. no solo por mí sino por otros (mi familia, mis hijas, mis padres)
cualquier informacion en español que puedan brindarme lo agradecere


Ho Oponopono Prayer April 11, 2011 at 12:17 am

Thanks do much for sharing this with us Joe. Ho Oponopono has changed my life and I am ever grateful to you for bringing it to the public. Thank you



Iman gabriela April 21, 2011 at 3:47 am

Joe Dear Master, I am from Europe and your books are everywhere, your story has affected me deeply on the pistol that you are in my library at home, it’s your home … You have changed my life, help the God who directed me to you … from then on, I turn people anise know me and ask for advice and help …. my friends are also found in your books … my day starts with a prayer to God and thank you. 4 SO MANY WORDS ARE EASY TO ME AND YOU SPEAK ANY DAY WHEN AND WHERE herein herein …..
Before I opened the gates of Heaven, and I received the God himself, does not describe the feeling … he showed me how I can further help themselves and others …. my beloved son who is autistic Vaš reads books and listens to music designed for meditation … is surprised that once I turn on unknown people and ask, “Help me” and I help.
Sorry, Please forgive me, thank you, I love you.


joseph sepe January 4, 2012 at 6:08 pm

Hi I am interested in the cd DVD can i buy it anywhere in australia or is only offered over the net


Joe Vitale January 4, 2012 at 6:28 pm

net only


Fabiola Urbaez February 24, 2012 at 3:51 pm

Hola, Joe aloha
Yo he leido el libro y el audiobook de limite zero por lo menos 6 veces, me gusto muchisimo, ,yo ya conocia el hoponopono creo que he leido todos los libros de hoponopono que existen de otros escritores y lo he practicado mucho en sanacion y pacificacion, y e visto muchisimos resultados y mientra mas lo practico mas me doy cuenta lo milagroso que es, tan sencillo, entender que yo creo lo que me pasa, me hace poderoso.. Soy Una Mujer Feliz, Tengo Mucha Paz, Uso mucho la frase La Paz Comienza Conmigo,
siento que quiero a todo el mundo y siento Amor del Mundo., Yo Soy Hoponopono
solo hay una cosa que no se como hacerla trabajar, y es la parte economica, no se omo hacer para mejor, no se me ocurre nada.
quiero comprar el CD , pero me gustaria que fuera en el idioma espanol, o si no dime si asi en ingles me va a funcionar.


Vera Lucia Alencar de Lira June 25, 2012 at 10:09 pm




Amanda September 19, 2012 at 7:45 am

Hola felicitaciones este es un material excelente yo quiero el dvd subliminal de zero limites como lo compro en español

que dios los bendiga


Neha October 1, 2012 at 1:10 pm

Dear joe ,

I sincerely pray you are able to help me answer this question.
I have just read both the attractor factor and zero limits .
The clearing element of your five step process makes so much
Sense to me and the one that resonates to me is hoppa nono .

I bought the missing secret cd where I was told I will have more explanation on how to use the above technique as step 3 and listened
Attentively to all CDs in pack which were two but there was nothing about hoppo nonno ? Did I buy wrong cd and why isn’t it there as even cd cover says it will cover it . I really want to know how to use it with the intention process in attractor factor .

Hope to hear from you ….


Mirtha Rodriguez January 2, 2013 at 9:49 am

Hola Querido Joe:

Urgente deseo comprar el CD pero en español hay algun sitio autorizado en Peru, yo he contactado hace poco con toda esta informacion y me parece muy valiosa quiero aprender mas no domino mucho el ingles pero lei que estuvieron por aca , vendran en alguna otra oportunidad seria regio poder contactarlos me dedico a terapias alternativas y podria avisarle a otras personas de las escuelas a las que asisti para un futuro evento en todo caso a que lugares de sudamerica vienen este año no quiero perder mas tiempo ni perderlos a uds. creo que cuando algo llega a tu vida es para ti por tanto uds. ahora estan en mi vida Gracias por esa circunstancia Los amo..

Espero pronta respuesta La Paz comienza conmigo Mirtha.


Cameo April 30, 2013 at 9:33 pm

Dear Joe,

Thank you so much for writing Zero Limits and sharing this wonderful healing method with people around the world. Although this is the first time I encounter Ho’oponopono, I do agree with the concept of memories completely. I know that I was being cleansed while reading the book through tears, laughs, and old memories were brought up to the surface. I do feel much more of appreciation and gratitude to the Divine and life every day and every moment since then.


natalija August 1, 2014 at 2:27 pm


I bought DVDs for cleaning Zero limits III from your website but I was charged twice I wrote many emails but no reply! I am very surprised with such a poor customer service. Is there anyone going to resolve this or do I have to ask my bank for charge back(which I do not want to do this)??? I run out of options.


Joe Vitale August 2, 2014 at 2:28 pm

I checked and am told you have been handled. Enjoy.


ben bey April 11, 2015 at 12:35 pm

How do i order your dvd or book i having problems finding the order section .i like to learn more about your siminars
Thak u


Sylvie August 14, 2015 at 12:42 pm

I look for the subliminal dvd in french!!

Were can i find it?

Thank you


Daniel Coyotl Mixcoatl September 17, 2015 at 8:25 am

Dear doctors Joe Vitale and Hew Len, I’m from Mexico and now I’m desperate, I have very little work and, therefore, very few economic resources, I am indebted, my wife and I are expecting a baby and I can not raise the money to be given good care and are about to lose an apartment for nonpayment, owe a month’s rent … I have long known that the answers to all my questions are within me, I’m divine energy, that I am a fractal of God; I already know all this but I can not feel it consciously or apply it in my life, I had the feeling that I’m on the verge of a transformation, a connection with the Divine but to no avail. In his book Zero Limits explained but, like you, Dr. Joe still have many doubts. Still, every day I repeat like a mantra the words I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you and I see changes, possibly’m doing something incorrectly. I would appreciate infinitely it can respond to my comment to benefit from self-identity through oponopono Ho and I wonder if it will soon take a course of demonstration in Mexico City.
Note: I do not speak English and this message I am supporting the google translator
Greetings and blessings

Queridos doctores Joe Vitale y Hew Len, yo soy de México y en estos momentos estoy desesperado, tengo muy poco trabajo y, por lo tanto, muy pocos recursos económicos, estoy endeudado, mi esposa y yo estamos esperando un bebé y no logro reunir el dinero necesario para que le den una buena atención y estamos a punto de perder un departamento por falta de pago, debo un mes de renta… Por mucho tiempo he sabido que las respuestas a todas mis dudas se encuentran dentro de mí, que soy energía divina, que yo mismo soy un fractal de Dios; todo esto ya lo se conscientemente pero no puedo sentirlo ni aplicarlo en mi vida, he tenido la sensación de que estoy a punto de lograr una transformación, una conexión con La Divinidad pero sin lograrlo. En su libro Cero Límites lo explica pero, al igual que usted, Dr. Joe aún tengo muchas dudas. Aún así, todos los días repito como un mantra las palabras lo siento mucho, por favor perdóname, gracias y te amo y no veo cambios, posiblemente estoy haciendo algo de forma incorrecta. Le agradecería infinitamente pueda dar respuesta a mi comentario para poder beneficiarme de La Identidad Propia a través del Ho oponopono y quisiera saber si próximamente va a dar un curso de la Manifestación en la ciudad de México.
Nota: No hablo inglés y para este mensaje me estoy apoyando en el traductor de google
Saludos y bendiciones


Florence Mombourquette March 18, 2016 at 4:49 pm

I just ordered Zero Limits 111 DVD set today at a price of $199.00 plus shipping. I noticed that there was an other offer for $97.00 for the same set. What is the difference between the two sets? I ordered this at around nine our time this am and still haven’t received confirmation that my order was processed. I know that the payment was taken out of my account.
I have just started reading your books and am looking forward to more. Thanks for your assistance in this matter.
I love you.


Joe Vitale March 19, 2016 at 5:32 am

Hi Florence,

Thank you for reaching out!

To answer your inquiry, the $199 plus s&h fee is for
the physical version of my boxed DVD set of Zero Limits 3.

The $97 price is for the Zero Limits 3 digital/online version only,
which you can stream via our hosting company.

Since you placed your order today, our warehouse
is currently processing your order and your
shipment will go out on Monday, 03/21/16. Once it ships,
you will receive an email with your shipping/tracking

In the meantime, have a great week-end and I hope
you enjoy your new boxed set DVDs!



Florence Mombourquette March 21, 2016 at 4:08 am

Thank you very much for your reply and I can’t wait to receive my order. Thanks again.
I love you


Jacqueline Bledsoe July 17, 2016 at 1:08 pm

Dear Joe
A friend just returned my copy of Zero Limits, and I have begun to re-read it..I first read it in 2007-08, at the urging of another friend..I also
bought several DVD.s of “The Secret”, for my grandchildren..I honestly tried the process for several months and didn’t seem to accomplish the desired results..Intellectually I know that all thoughts and all my surroundings are created by me..I meditate (Self Inquiry)
but I can’t quite create the ‘feeling” that seems to be crucial to
successfully experiencing cleaning and /or clearing! Are there any upcoming personal appearances by you or Dr. Len? Thank you for all that you do!
Have a blessed week


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