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Non-Guru Tony Robbins

by Joe Vitale on July 18, 2016

Three times.

That’s how many times I’ve watched the Netflix documentary, Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru, which was released on July 15, only days ago.

I’m in the movie The Secret and I haven’t watched that film three times in ten years.

Watch Tony Robbins Film

Watch spellbinding Tony Robbins Film

So why am I so captivated with this film about Tony?

It’s raw but real.

Hard-hitting but healing.

Profane but profound.

I found myself crying throughout it.

I found myself having internal breakthroughs just watching it.

I found myself relating to Tony’s inspired approach to change.

The film captures Tony’s closed-door week-long event called Date with Destiny.

In some ways the event reminded me of the old Werner Erhard est program, and to today’s Landmark Forum.

This film puts you in Tony’s secret space, much like Luke Rhinehart’s The Book of est puts you in an est event.

In both cases, you can safely observe the sometimes rollicking emotions people experience.

And in both cases, you can experience transformation just by going for the ride.

All you have to do is pay attention and feel.

Oh, there are holes in the movie.

Tony says change happens in a moment.

Yet later in the film, when he’s asked how he changed, he says there was no one moment.

Tony comes across as the trigger for change and not any method or principle.

Yet if Tony is needed for change, then methods don’t exist; there is no method. It’s him.

But I’m not a critic of the film; I’m a fan.

That’s why I’ve seen it three times – so far.

I let any holes or inconsistencies slide by as I focus on the good in the movie, the breakthroughs, the insights, the energy, the sharing – all of which act as a catalyst to awaken viewers who aren’t even physically in the seminar room with the giant king gorilla.

This makes the film itself a tool for transformation.

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore told Joe Berlinger (the director of this film on Tony), “I believe it will actually save lives.”

I believe it, too.

A few more reasons why I love the film -

Tony goes past the little problems people offer and goes deeper, to the operating system under what they present.

When a 19 year old says her problem is her diet, Tony digs deeper to discover her issue is with her father, not her diet.

The movie helps prove why we all need coaching; without a trained person’s objective feedback, we will continue to blame our problems on others or on little things and entirely miss the big hidden operating system below our conscious awareness.

And I love statements such as, “You know what your biggest problem is? Thinking you shouldn’t have any.”

Tony goes on to explain that problems are gifts.

I don’t know Tony personally — we spoke at the same event in Chicago years ago, but hours apart, so we have yet to meet* — and I get nothing for endorsing this film from him or the director or anyone else.

But I urge you to watch it and let it stir your soul.


Expect Miracles.

Ao Akua,


PS – My own television show, all fourteen episodes, is edited and in the hands of Amazon. Stay tuned for details. Meanwhile, go watch the film about Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru. It’s stirring, soulful and spellbinding.

* You can read about the event where I spoke on the same stage as Tony, Trump, and others at

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Member BBB 2003 - 2016

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