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You? Enlightened?

by Joe Vitale on September 1, 2014

“What makes you think you aren’t enlightened?”

The question came from a quiet man who heard my presentation the day before at the Miracles Coaching event in Utah last month.

He went on to say…

“You write in your books that you are in the third stage of awakening but we all heard you speak, and we feel you are enlightened. We felt the energy in the room. We felt what you did for us. We feel you are there. Why don’t you think you are enlightened?”

I was honored and impressed.

After all, he was accusing me of achieving the very state spiritual seekers have been striving for centuries to attain.

It was a compliment.

But I saw this as a moment for him, not me.

“I love the flattering nature of the question,” I said, “but I think you can ask yourself the same thing.”

He looked at me, waiting for more.

“The only thing stopping you from being enlightened is your thinking about being enlightened,” I explained. “Your mind separates you from the experience. It’s probably as true for you as it is for me.”

I could tell he wanted me to explain, so I did…

I'm on cover September 2014 Austin All Natural magazine (Art by Donna Aloia)

I'm on cover September 2014 Austin All Natural magazine (Art by Donna Aloia)

“What most of us do is argue with reality,” I said. “Because we fight and complain and get frustrated over what is, we can’t allow ourselves any peace. When we accept reality, and know that all is good, we move in the direction of awakening, or enlightenment. But most of us simply think ourselves out of our bliss.”

But the gentleman persisted.

“The so called gurus of the world claim to be enlightened and act the part,” he countered. “Because they do, others follow them. Maybe you just need to own that you are enlightened.”

Again, I was tickled at the suggestion.

But I knew I would no more declare enlightenment as he would.

Saying “I’m enlightened” feels like what a non-enlightened person would say.

I’m told Buddha awakened and said we were all awakened but didn’t know it.

Maybe he was right.

Maybe the gentleman at the event was right.

Maybe all you and I need to do is own our enlightenment.

I’ve often said that if you want to tell if you’re enlightened or not, go visit your family.

Your family knows your hot buttons.

They put most of them there.

If you can visit them for a week and still feel at peace in every moment, you may be enlightened.

Then again…

I love the question and offer it to you…

“What makes you think you are not enlightened?”


Ao Akua,


PS — Check out Miracles Coaching right here.

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Member BBB 2003 - 2015

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