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by Joe Vitale on April 16, 2014

Recently I posted this on my Facebook page at :

“Inspiration gives you a desire. Decision makes it an intention. Action makes it real.”

That statement helps clarify what it takes to attract what you want. But let’s explore it deeper than a Facebook text-bite so you understand the power of it.

First, an idea is what you get a feeling to do.

An idea is an internal nudge to create something.

It’s different for each person as each of us has a different life mission. My inspiration might be to write another book, or compose a new song. Yours might be to run for political office, open a bakery, or raise happy kids.

An inspiration is either from what I call the Divine, or it’s from your ego.

Nobody outside of you knows for sure what is right for you. It’s your life and up to you to discern the difference. With a little reflection, though, you can tell where the idea is coming from. Nothing wrong with an ego desire, but it’s nobler to come from a higher purpose.

Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered

Recently a listener of my latest audio program, The Zero Point, contacted me and told me about the word “Afflatus.” He thought it might be a better word for the kind of inspiration I refer to these days. He was right.

According to Wikipedia, “afflatus” is a Latin term used by Cicero. It means more than “inspiration,” and in fact translates as —

“…the staggering and stunning blow of a new idea, an idea that the recipient may be unable to explain.”

I love the word afflatus so much that I dedicated my latest album, Reflection, to it.

Again, you can receive an idea based on Memory (previous data in your mind), an Inspiration (combining previous ideas into something new), or from afflatus (a completely new idea that stuns you).

The idea should move you to want to take action.

As I also wrote on my Facebook page -

If you don’t have some self doubts and fears when you pursue a dream, then you haven’t dreamed big enough.”

And that leads to…

Available for Pre-Order

Available for Pre-Order

Next, your decision is what gives the idea power to become a reality.

You have free will, so you can ignore the idea, or you can decide to bring it into reality.

I learned decades ago that if I ignore my inspired calling, my life is bumpy. When I decide to follow my inspiration, life is smooth. I prefer the latter.

Again, it’s your choice. When you decide to follow your inspiration, it now becomes an intention. Intentions rule the earth. It’s just wiser to pursue a higher intention than a lower one.

What’s the difference?

  • An ego based intention is only about you.
  • A Divine based intention is about you and others.

Decades ago I spoke on the same stage as Jose Silva, the founder of Silva Mind Control. Jose said a goal should influence you and at least three other people.

I love that guideline. It gets you out of your own individual experience of life and moves you into a deeper awareness of others.

It also makes taking action easier.

When you know that your actions are going to touch at least three other people, then you are more motivated to decide to do something.

So step two is to decide.

And that leads to…

Finally, action brings the idea, now an intention, onto the earth plane.

Nothing happens until something moves.

You are a co-creator with life. Life itself wants you to do something. When you do it, you trigger it becoming real.

If I want to write a book, I have to sit down and write.

If I want to play the saxophone, I have to sit down and practice.

If you are going to open a bakery, you need to fill out the forms and do the work.

Meet Saxman Joe

Meet Saxman Joe

This is where a lot of Law of Attraction students fall short. They think if they just affirm it, it will appear.

Well, it might.

But more often than not, you have to do something to work with reality. It’s no accident that the word ‘action’ is in the word ‘attraction.’

Let me give you one final example of how this process works:

Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon and myself are in the studio recording the third album in our trilogy of “zero” music, following the success of At Zero and Aligning to Zero, this one to be called 432 to Zero.

As is our custom, we don’t plan or strategy. We “make space” for inspiration to guide us, and we are ready to take action on a moment’s notice. We are in the studio, prepared and ready.

What do you hear?

What do you hear?

One day neither of us felt compelled or inspired.

We sat in the studio and looked at each other. We’ve done this enough to know that sometimes you have to wait, and sometimes nothing will come. We’ve learned to trust the process and be patient.

Suddenly I felt afflatus strike.

I looked at Mathew and shared my idea.

“What if I played two harmonicas?” I asked.

“But we don’t have a bass line or a foundation track for you to play against. You’d be playing to yourself.”

“I know,” I said. “But I feel like trying it. If it doesn’t work, we can just delete the audio file.”

“Why two harmonicas?”

“I’m not sure,” I said. “I somehow feel if I just improvised harmonica in what’s called the second position, and then improvised playing in the first position, I’d be in the same key but the two harmonicas would sound different.”

I have no idea where that idea came from.

But since it arrived as a gift, the next step was to decide to act on it, and the third was to take action.

Mathew agreed to try it.

I pulled out two harps, and started to play.

I simply allowed myself to be guided by whatever feeling was welling up and directing me.

I didn’t think about it. I trusted that the process would be whatever it was, and that was good enough.

When I was done playing, Mathew was beaming.

“That was incredible!” he said. “We may have just created a whole new genre of music!”

That’s how this process works.

The formula is simple.

Inspiration gives you a desire. Decision makes it an intention. Action makes it real.

That said, what are you going to do next?

Ao Akua,


PS – My Facebook page is at

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